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Art of Pilates is a registered trademark and property of the Art of Pilates studio Las Vegas, Nevada. All rights reserved.
USPTO Registration Number 3229375


The Studio is located at
6346 South Pecos Road Suite # 2,
(between Sunset Road and Patrick Lane on Pecos Road)
Las Vegas, Nevada 89120
Tel (702) 436-9004

Welcome to the ART OF PILATES website.
Art of Pilates is a complete Pilates studio
utilizing all aspects of Joseph H. Pilates' work.
Our instructors are certified and trained in
“East Coast” (traditional) as well as
“West Coast” methods.
Both these techniques include mat and apparatus work, incorporating the Reformer, Cadillac
Wunder chair, Electric chair, Ped-a-pol,
Ladder barrel, and Small barrels.

STUDIO HOURS are from 8am to 7 pm
Monday through Friday
All sessions by appointment.

Play video snake/twist

Package of 5 private sessions - $275
Package of 10 private sessions - $500

SEMI- PRIVATE/COUPLE - $70 ($35 per person)
Package of 10 - $600 = $300/person (you & a friend)
Package of 5 - $325 = 162.50/person (you & a friend)

TRIO/ 3 PERSON CLASS - $84 ($28 per person - you and two friends) Package deals available

OPEN STUDIO (upon approval of staff) Student uses the equipment on their own. $15 per single or a package of 10 sessons (Plus one discounted private) for $150

Sessions are approximately
One hour in length
If you have any questions feel free to call (702) 436-9004
or email us at :

Email us

Pilates (pul-lah-teez) is an exercise and body conditioning technique innovated by Joseph Pilates almost 90 years ago. His method works not only for people with injuries and chronic muscular problems but for everyone at any age and at any fitness level.

Benefits of Pilates
* It trains mind/body integration.
* It builds strength, flexibility and
* It develops long, lean muscles.
* It emphasizes low-impact, partial and non-weight-bearing exercises.
* It is effective for all fitness levels.
* It is challenging yet safe.
* It creates rapid noticeable results



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